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Welcome. We can make maps of a territory and share those maps with others. But the map is not the territory. It does not show you where you will be enthralled by beauty or struggle with effort or encounter obstacles that changed since the last map was made. Only experience can take you to the territory itself. That is why we have guides. That is why we find methods, train and one step at a time poke into new territory in our self and in the world around.

This part of the website is for those who want to deepen their experiences and their capacity to experience. Here I explain the principles of carefully designed workshops that give you specific methods to use- on your own or together in shared classes.

I invite you to explore specific workshops on the dedicated event page. (coming soon!)

To support your practice,  I will offer instructions for the basics in Breath Work and meditation in a section below. These are open access. 

In my blog I also post helpful topics and techniques to meet the challenges we all face at this time.

The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.” ― Rumi

The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all true art and science. If this emotion is a stranger, and you can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, it is as if dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us, unseen, really exists, and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty makes us most alive. We can sense our two gifts: freedom and the stewardship of our unique self and path.”


Gurucharan Khalsa

Paraphrase of Einstein’s insight

I authored and designed all the levels of a global meditation school. I designed the experiences, and processes for programs in recovery from addictions, enhanced creativity, leadership, getting from trauma to traumatic growth, and healing and self-awareness. And more.

Learn what to expect by exploring the aspects of workshops I offer. Answer the question, “What happens when I attend?”

Programs Range from Novice to Expert to Mastery

Programs that are short and target a goal or teach you basics. Programs that take you deeper the more you practice. And programs that challenge you to see yourself anew and bloom.

Experience Breathwork

Profound and simple. Breath is essential and always with us- it is life itself. A small change in our breath patterns or in our awareness of breath produces a great change in energy, perception, and mood. A little “work”-a lot of benefit.

Discover Meditations Tailored to You and Your Situation

Meditations are many and varied. They can match your immediate need and temperament. They can lead you to new depth and possibility. That is the magic, art, and science of each program.

Each Program Informs, Inspires and Challenges

Learn by experience, information, and practice. Whether it is how to use your breath, focus your mind, explore your Quantum Self, break addictions, or instill powerful positive habits, start where you are and go as far as you want to go.

Expand Your Horizons

Experience has a scope- narrow, broad, focused, diffuse, aware, or instinctual. Each program topic guides us to form our unique perspective though our microscope, telescope, and unlimited conscious scope.

Compare Your Experience with Others

Though we are each unique, we benefit by dialogue, sharing and community. We practice stillness, listening and expressing. Together we find the right question to ask.

Why the turban and do I need one?

Each of us has a unique life journey. Along the way we go through many phases, transitions, roles, and learning. Each of these contributes to what we can share and to the strengths and clarity we have.

Besides my steady appetite and study of science and my profession in clinical counseling and my mastery of meditation and yoga, I also had a strong interfaith connection. Currently I am part of the Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University. I support each person’s journey from any faith or secular belief to experience, expand and fulfill their potential.

For several decades I contributed to the Sikh tradition and its values of humility, courage, service, and universality. I retired from that formal role recently. You will see many pictures of me in a turban that respected that tradition and many without. I taught worldwide for decades- in classes, universities, and research in that garb. That represented a recognition that each of us has the spark of the infinite and divine and have equal value and status as a human being beyond, race, belief, social status, gender, and ethnicity. The turban showed a commitment to recognize that value and to personally carry the responsibility to uplift everyone in kindness and compassion. 

There is of course no need for anyone to don a turban to practice meditation or yoga or anything else. As I retired my formal role, I also retired the turban. I retained the values of empathy, kindness, and commitment to each person.  I continue my practices to deepen, test and share experiences that help us be resilient, authentic, and fulfilled. 

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